My Sculpture Collections

I love creating 3D representations of my imagination – Katie O x

Lost in a Wood – Teddy Bears Picnic Collection

The first sculpture below, Edwood, is an excellent example of the techniques employed in the creation of this exhibition, which was largely based upon the use of clay, coated with latex and plasticine. The second picture below, Sickamore, was created by coating genuine wooden branches with white emulsion paint, before positioning the further aspects at the top and bottom of the exhibit. The third picture below, Sticky End, represents a burnt amputee, bound with wire, and was created with the careful use of a blowtorch.

Edwood by Katie OSickamore by Katie OSticky End by Katie O

The first picture below, Clash of the Teddies, is a larger exhibit, incorporating a number of techniques, including the use of real branches and foliage, mixed in with the artistic creations to form the centrepiece of the picnic. The second picture below, Road Kill, is an example of the destructive forces found within nature, created using similarly vicious techniques employed upon the Teddy Bear.

Clash of the Teddies by Katie ORoad Kill by Katie O

The first picture below, Panda Pop, was created by manipulating the latex to form each individual detail of the bear, which were then stitched together to form the sculpture. The second picture below, Forgotten in the Fog, utilised clay tentacles and leeches.

Panda Pop by Katie OForgotten in the Fog by Katie O

Don’t have nightmares! – Katie O x

© Katie O Art. All rights reserved.

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