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 How to Draw Robots by Katie O

Katie O Book Cover

I recently took time out from my drawing schedule to team up with Aaron Mullins to publish my first ever art guidebook! It is a guidebook on how to draw robots, for both adults and children, artists and non-artists, based upon the concept art for my Minor Malfunctions: Psychology of the Machine Exhibition.

The eBook contains step-by-step instruction on how to draw 10 different kinds of robots. The tagline reads:

“Robots. Where would we be without them? Those tireless engines of activity that power almost everything in our modern world. They so rarely get to relax, put their clunky feet up and give themselves an oil change.”

The eBook is free to download and is available in many different download formats, including Kindle, Epub and online readers.

Read or download it from here: How to Draw Robots by Katie O

Feel free to leave comments here or on the publisher’s website.

Katie O x

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