Katie O Art 2014

Hello World!!

2014 has been a busy year already in the world of Katie O! I’m looking forward to getting lots done and enjoying my work 🙂

The main change begins in a few days when I say goodbye to my part-time retail job to become a  full time Artist!!! 😀 It feels amazing! It’s something I dreamt of as a child and now I get to live it!

I spent so much time making and creating stories with pictures alongside them when I was little 🙂 That love of drawing and the passion to create something has never left me, it’s only grown stronger with time.


The main reason I still draw today is the fact that I love it, it’s took some time to get there, I sometimes doubted my ability and myself but never enough to stop.

It began with a spark of interest for painting and drawing when I was 3 or 4 and grew into my complete and utter love for art.  I’ve had great support along the way and now I can’t wait to really live the rest of my life doing something I love everyday.

What a difference a picture makes…

Hello world!!

The world of Art is one of great significance…

When everything we know is gone, when civilisations end and centuries have passed, the one main thing that remains and is passed on is Art.

From Ancient tribal drawings and the Egyptian pyramids to the 90’s movement of Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst,they all informed history and reflect the culture of society at the time.

It can be found in the grandest of galleries or the in the most mundane everyday life; Art is what we see in the world and what the artist says it is. Sometimes bringing to light a beauty that may have normally passed us by.

On a more personal level, Art has a dramatic impact on my world and in my life. We all strive for a sense of meaning and importance in our lives, it’s in drawing I feel this purpose coming through. To project an image on to paper from the imagination holds something liberating and exciting.

My work is obviously influenced by my experiences and surroundings however it always reflects surreal situations and imagery. The only constant and familiarity usually is a small girl watching these worlds come to life. Perhaps a metaphor showing how I see the world and how it is manipulated through my eyes and thus my drawings.

Though some will argue Art is losing its place in a struggling economy I feel it will always be something that will maintain and bring value to us. Because sometimes we all need to escape to somewhere else…


Katie O x

Tooth fairies

Hello world ♄

 I’ve been recalling the marvellous memories of wiggling and wobbling your last milk tooth, eagerly awaiting the visit from the tooth fairy to replace it with a shiny coin.

Art by Katie O

 My new set of work sees a young girl waiting in anticipation of what she thinks happens to every other child and tooth in the land. A wonderful fairy swaps the horrible tooth for something she values more. However she is soon to find out these tooth fairies are not as they seem

 Art by Katie O

Instead of simply replacing the tooth for the money she so sorely wants, a different fairy visits every night for seven days. Some appear beautiful, some not so nice, each taking on the appearance of a deadly sin, they take her on a journey to show what will happen if she does not listen to their wise words. A warning from the fairy world, in hope that she will not fall fate to these sins as so many little girls have.