New Vintage style drawings by Katie O

Hello World!

I’ve been working on some new designs recently, inspired by the past and all things vintage.

Vintage style drawing by Katie O

Vintage style drawing by Katie O

These new drawings can be found on my new stationary range, that include notebooks, folders, jotters, gift bags and tags 🙂

I will introducing this new range into shops for sale very soon so  keep a look out this February for Katie O products at a retailer near you.

vintage style drawings

Vintage style drawings by Katie O

The day I opened the Katie O Handmade gift shop…

Hello World!

Yesterday was the day I opened the Katie O Handmade gift shop!

katieoart handmade 6

The day began at home in Coventry, waiting the arrival of ‘the man with the van’ to take me and my new cabinet full of handmade gifts to the wonderful Most Marvellous in Northampton.

Once we arrived there we unloaded the cabinet and placed it in its new home, on the ground floor near the till area.  It was packed full of all my new products and a handmade Katie O shop sign. Then all that was left  was to take a step back and feel happy that the past few weeks of hard work, making and preparing had paid off.


The Katie O Handmade gift shop is now open for business, so pop along and take a look 🙂

Katie O Art 2014

Hello World!!

2014 has been a busy year already in the world of Katie O! I’m looking forward to getting lots done and enjoying my work 🙂

The main change begins in a few days when I say goodbye to my part-time retail job to become a  full time Artist!!! 😀 It feels amazing! It’s something I dreamt of as a child and now I get to live it!

I spent so much time making and creating stories with pictures alongside them when I was little 🙂 That love of drawing and the passion to create something has never left me, it’s only grown stronger with time.


The main reason I still draw today is the fact that I love it, it’s took some time to get there, I sometimes doubted my ability and myself but never enough to stop.

It began with a spark of interest for painting and drawing when I was 3 or 4 and grew into my complete and utter love for art.  I’ve had great support along the way and now I can’t wait to really live the rest of my life doing something I love everyday.