The story of the Paper Bag

The Paper Bag

Paper Bag 1

I saw a boy in front of me, As I came to the cake shop

He took a dougnut out to eat, And let the bag just drop

Paper bag 2

The paper bag just sat there, And wondered about his life…

Met an empty sweet packet, And asked her to be his wife

paper bag 3

The wedding was held at the local bin,A cardboard box came as a guest

A wrapper and a carton also attended, All dressed up to look their best

paper bag 4

The paper bag and sweet packet, Struggled with conditions in the street

paper bag 5

It had so many dangers,Like pedestrians hefty feet

paper bag 6

Some children came along one day, Collecting bottles, paper and tins

Took the bag and packet away, To fill up recycling bins

paper bag 7

The paper bag chatted to his wife ,And stayed very close beside her

They looked forward to a new life together, As a box of fertiliser

Written by Kevin O’Sullivan

Illustrated Katie O