Adventures of an Upcoming Exhibition

Hello World,

My new work will come together next year in an exciting exhibition. 🙂

Here is the journey so far…

It tells the tale of a young, minuscule girl and her travels across what appear to us adults as an everyday, mundane wall with the familiar patterned wallpaper. But to this tiny girl it very quickly turns into something much more than that…

On her quest she finds friends to help her on her way to discover this new world. Travelling by hover bee, by boat across a colossal tea stain ocean, the girl ends up in the most wondrous places that not even she could imagine.


Discovering the beauty of a hidden world within the wall that the rest of us would normally pass by so easily, the girl shows us and brings this world to the viewer eyes, prepare to be mesmerised…


Look out for her appearing on my facebook page here and see more of this magical story at my exhibition next year.

Katie O x


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