Tooth fairies

Hello world

 I’ve been recalling the marvellous memories of wiggling and wobbling your last milk tooth, eagerly awaiting the visit from the tooth fairy to replace it with a shiny coin.

Art by Katie O

 My new set of work sees a young girl waiting in anticipation of what she thinks happens to every other child and tooth in the land. A wonderful fairy swaps the horrible tooth for something she values more. However she is soon to find out these tooth fairies are not as they seem…

 Art by Katie O

Instead of simply replacing the tooth for the money she so sorely wants, a different fairy visits every night for seven days. Some appear beautiful, some not so nice, each taking on the appearance of a deadly sin, they take her on a journey to show what will happen if she does not listen to their wise words. A warning from the fairy world, in hope that she will not fall fate to these sins as so many little girls have.


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