Tooth fairies

Hello world

 I’ve been recalling the marvellous memories of wiggling and wobbling your last milk tooth, eagerly awaiting the visit from the tooth fairy to replace it with a shiny coin.

Art by Katie O

 My new set of work sees a young girl waiting in anticipation of what she thinks happens to every other child and tooth in the land. A wonderful fairy swaps the horrible tooth for something she values more. However she is soon to find out these tooth fairies are not as they seem…

 Art by Katie O

Instead of simply replacing the tooth for the money she so sorely wants, a different fairy visits every night for seven days. Some appear beautiful, some not so nice, each taking on the appearance of a deadly sin, they take her on a journey to show what will happen if she does not listen to their wise words. A warning from the fairy world, in hope that she will not fall fate to these sins as so many little girls have.

Rise of the Machines!!

Hello world! ♥

As most of you know, I recently published my first ever eBook (yay!) and last Saturday I held the launch event and promotion of my series of mechanical machines in Coventry Hobbycraft. I was accompanied by the editor of the book, Aaron Mullins. Together we put on art demonstrations straight from the book.

The eBook is available for free from here: How to Draw Robots by Katie O.

It was really fun to launch my own book and be able to show people how I get from a blank canvas to my final drawings. The book itself was based on the concept art from my previous Minor Malfunctions exhibition and I am now in the process of writing further art books, based on my other exhibitions.

So I have been digging out the secret drawings that nobody has ever seen, and combining them with my personal photographs of the events, to create a really intimate journey through both my art and personal life. My writing too is focused on not only the technical aspects of my work, but also a diary of how I felt when creating the pieces and releasing them into the world! It is both a showcase of my artwork and an autobiography of an artist 🙂

For now, I will leave you with these images of the eBook launch and hope they inspire you to go and check out the book for yourself.

Take care,

Katie O x