Childhood Tales

Hello World!

With my robots terminated and my minor malfunctions under control for now it’s time for me to create a new, exciting world, but first I have time to indulge myself in my past for inspiration 🙂

When my sister and I were young we would love hear our dad tell us his tales of different worlds, introducing us to little characters; children that met whales, sharks and polar bears, living in underground dens. As he told us my mind would reel off into my own imagination, taking these worlds and characters with me.

Art by Katie O

I like my work to always have some kind of a narrative running through it, and it’s lovely for me to relive these stories and see these creatures brought to life through my work.

Art by Katie O

I can recreate images that I have had in my mind for years, with such joy coming from finding them again…

Art by Katie O

Keep your eyes curious for my new work of the seven sinful fairies and a tiny girls adventures across the big, wide, wondrous world. For now, I’m enjoying meeting all the creatures and people I was so excited to experience as a child 🙂

Art by Katie O

Katie O x


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