Major events and minor malfunctions…

Hello world!

After so many outdoor art events recently, it was great to be able to set up my artwork indoors, where the wind wasn’t trying to whisk my poor robots off into the ether! So on Saturday 14th April the Katie O Artisan Event took place in Coventry Hobbycraft, without a drop of rain in sight 🙂

Read all about it on my exhibitions page.

An even more inviting setting for my robots will be the Minor Malfunctions exhibition taking place at The Lock Gallery in Coventry from 7th – 26th May 2012. I will be unveiling my newest artworks where they come together to form the final story of the little girl lost in each of them. Come along and find out how her journey ends.

Art by Katie O

One successful event this month and an exciting ending to an artistic tale to come next month. I hope to see you all there.

Katie O x


It’s life… but not as you know it… an exhibition and joint art demo!

Hello World! 

Tired but very happy and creatively satisfied… that just about sums up the last few weeks! I worked overtime to get my ‘Life‘ piece ready for the Evolving Art Troop (EAT) exhibition at the Most Marvellous Art Gallery in Northampton last Saturday evening. You can see pictures on my Exhibitions page.

Also, last Saturday at A Most Marvellous Place to Shop I had a joint art demo during the day with my artistic partner in crime, the very talented Aaron Mullins. We had a brilliant day together and he received 2 private commissions, a request to stock his artwork in a shop and we will soon be having joint permanent exhibits in the Most Marvellous Art Gallery! Not bad for his first ever art demo! 

I can’t relax for too long though, as I have another art exhibition this Saturday 14th April too! Come along to Hobbycraft Coventry store to see the Katie O Artisan Event where you can see all my latest artwork, which will be for sale, along with running drawing tutorials throughout the day!

I hope to see you there.

Katie O x