Coming soon… my ebook guide!

Hello World! ♥

As promised, more news on my forthcoming ebook ‘How to Draw Robots by Katie O’. The book will be a step-by-step guide on how I draw robots, with tips and tutorials on how you can draw them too!

The drawings are based on the concept art for my upcoming exhibition in May entitled ‘Minor Malfunctions: Psychology of the Machine’, taking place at the Lock Gallery in Coventry.

The book is currently undergoing an editing process by the ever-brilliant Aaron Mullins (see more of his editing work HERE). I can’t wait to have it published!

Until then, it is literally back to the drawing board for me, or more accurately, the pastel board, as I begin my adventures in experimenting with a new medium!

Katie O x


Artists and writers: a match made in heaven?

Hello World! ♥

Most people know about the Writers and Artists Year Book, which comes out every year and has a wealth of information for budding authors and artists alike. You may think that there should be separate books for each talent, but for the past few months I have discovered for myself just how inspiring it can be when an artist and a writer work together.

Aaron Mullins is an award winning, internationally published psychologist. He also writes fiction and recently published his first ebook as both editor and author, a collection of short stories entitled Mullins Collection of Best New Fiction.

You can download Aaron’s ebook, for free, in 9 different formats, including Kindle and simple online readers, from here:

Working together, Aaron and I are creating my own ebook ‘How to Draw Robots by Katie O’, which I am writing and creating the art for, and he is editing (look out for further posts on this soon!).

In addition, I feel privileged to have created artwork for his own author website, as well as doing the illustrations for his other forthcoming books. You can see my artwork dotted about his website here:

So I would highly recommend that all artists grab themselves their own writer to accompany them on their creative journeys. I am lucky in that Aaron is also an artist, as well as a writer, and we are pooling our talents to support each other and generally have a lot of fun doing what we love 🙂

Look out for joint art exhibitions coming to a gallery near you soon!!

Katie O x