Hello world!

 Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog! 

My name is Katie O, I’m an artist and this is my world, where my thoughts, my art and all the things I love come together to create the fun, passionate and often downright crazy world of Katie O x

♥ To learn more me, visit the About Katie O section.

♥ To see what I have been up to recently, visit My Art Shop or My Book Shop.

♥ To view some work of my art that has been let loose on the public, visit the Exhibitions section.

♥ To see the worlds I have created with my drawings, visit the Pen and Ink section.

♥ To meet the jolly creatures I have brought to life, visit the Sculptures section.

♥ To see the path I have walked to become an artist, visit my Experience section.

♥ To get in touch, visit the Contact section.

Katie O x


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