Custom Shoe Design! By Katie O!

Looking for some new, unique shoes?

Katie O now provides a bespoke shoe service for customers across the U.K.

homer and Marge Bespoke shoes

Homer and Marge Bespoke shoes

From the Simpsons to the Walking dead, any character or design is available.

Merle Dixon from the Walking Dead shoes

Merle Dixon from the Walking Dead shoes

Simply contact me with your request and your shoe size and a pair of  amazing, hand painted shoes will be delivered to you 🙂

Shoes by Katie O

Shoes by Katie O

Adult and child sizes are available to order, they make the perfect gift for Christmas or to keep for yourself 🙂

Katie O x


Introduction to Katie O

Gorgeous Touch

As a business that appeals to most we are often contacted by local crafts people to see if we would like to sell their homemade and handmade goodies. On some occasions we come across a little gem and instead of keeping this little gem a secret we thought it would be great idea for her to tell you about herself. Gorgeous Touch introduces Katie O……..

Katie O and The Birdtree Gift Shop

Love What You Do by Doing What You Love

Imagine you could be granted one wish, to be given the opportunity to work in the best job ever. What’s the most exciting job you could imagine doing? For me, it’s being an artist. Ever since I was a young girl I have always wanted to find a way to use my artistic skills to make beautiful items that people will love to have in their homes.

After many years of hard work…

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Andrew Ferez

Amazing and inspiring work by Andrew Ferez. Thanks to SheWalksSoftly for sharing 🙂


Andrew Ferez is responsible for two pieces I’ve loved for quite a while without knowing the artist. Aren’t these first two really spectacular?



His work reminds me a bit of Jacek Yerka with its fine details and blending of architecture, human invention and nature.

Many of his creations seem to contain a prominent fire element; a bit of burning chaos and/or illumination.

I’d like a a bumper sticker of this painting that says MY OTHER CAR IS A TALONED FISH SAXOPHONE WITH WHEELS.

Andrew Ferez

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Handmade jewellery from Birdtree Books, with images from Katie O

Hello World!

I’ve recently brought my artistic skills to the world of jewellery with amazing results 🙂

Handmade jewellery by Birdtree Books and Katie O

Handmade jewellery by Birdtree Books and Katie O

Sterling Silver Birdcage - Jewellery

As I’ve just been appointed the Creative Director at Birdtree Books, it seemed a perfect opportunity to work on the jewellery project together.

Using images of my artwork Birdtree Books provides a range of handmade, jewellery, from sterling silver necklaces to antique silver bracelets.


Birdtree Books and Katie O Handmade jewellery

Birdtree Books and Katie O Handmade jewellery

Antique-Silver Rabbit Jewellery

Completely unique and eye-catching the jewellery is handmade at my home in Coventry and sent out to customers across the UK. This jewellery can also be made with your own image inside, whether it be your favourite photo or an image that’s special to you.

Handmade jewellery by Birdtree Books and Katie O

Handmade jewellery by Birdtree Books and Katie O

These pieces are available to buy from A Most Marvellous Place To Shop where you can find a full range of all Katie O products and artwork  or directly from me, please contact me for more details 🙂

Katie O x

Last Night I dreamt Somebody loved me

Another chance to read the story behind the monster…

Katie O Art - Handmade Gifts, Decorations and Artwork

Hello World ♥

Most of you will know this work but not many know the story behind this portrait of a lonely soul.

From a time when trees touched the skies and the moon kept a watchful eye over the world; there lived a beast…

Many creatures inhabited this strange world but this was no ordinary creature, it was in the deep forest thousands of years ago where this soul first came to life.  With the force to rip a hole in the earth with one swoop the beast held such strength and power. However for all his might the beast suffered intensely from a great loneliness. Such a feeling swept over the beast like a vast plague, he was hopeless to it.

Art by Katie O

The only escape he found from such pain was to dream, dream so deeply into the night of love and happiness, something he feared he would never attain. The beast fell into a deep sleep every night…

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Katie O Art at the Transport Museum

Katie O Art at The Coventry Transport Museum

Hello World! 🙂

Each week I’ll be blogging about the retailers and shops that stock Katie O Art products, giving you an insight into what I sell in each store and where you can find them 🙂

First up is gift shop at The Coventry Transport Museum. It was in January last year when I first sold my work here and was one of the first retailers to stock my range of vintage handmade gifts.

Katie O Art at the Transport Museum

Since then my work has become a main feature in the shop and sits alongside lovely vintage signs and gifts. From cards to notebooks and hand painted pencil cases I offer a wide range of beautiful products for everyone.

Katie O Art at The Coventry Transport Museum

So if you’re looking to treat someone special or indulge yourself in all things vintage pop into the Coventry Transport Museum gift shop 🙂

Katie O Art at the Coventry Transport Museum

Katie O x



drawings by katie o

The Field…

Hello World,

Here’s another chance to the read the story of the field written by my father, that inspired my work 🙂

I walked down to the field
That hides beyond our house

I often take our hedgehog
And sometimes take the mouse

drawings by katie o

There’s tons of unwanted rubbish
That’s home to many rats

An old eccentric lady
Who looks after eight black cats

There’s a retired farmer
His friend a retired pig

A circus owner with a lion
Plus an elephant that’s too big

There is a tiny fish pond
That’s full of sharks and whales

drawings by katie o

Two dromedary camels
Who like to swish their tales

There’s lots of awful insects
And giant dive bomb flies

drawings by katie o

I enjoy the wildlife down the field
But I must stop telling lies

Written by Kevin O’Sullivan